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When it comes to limousines in Central Florida, there are many different providers claiming that they are the one and only reputable limousine service in Orlando. At Orlando Chauffeured Services (OCS), we want to take the time to explain the difference between a reputable limousine service and a desperate limousine service provider.

If a limousine company representative is on the phone with a guest and feels the need to compare themselves to another limousine provider just to try to earn the business, it could mean a couple of different things:

  • The company is worried about the guest's experience and wants to help the guest stay away from a bad experience.
  • The company has no standards and has to bring another service down to make themselves look better.
  • The company is the one that guests should stay away from.


At OCS, it is not up to us to talk about any other limousine service in Orlando. We encourage all guests to research the keywords "Orlando Limo Service Reviews" and get the feedback reported back by other guests. There are other places such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, BBB, or even Google reviews that are non-biased companies that provide ways of guests making sure that the service provider they are planning on using is not a scam.

The Orlando limo nightlife is quite an amazing experience. There is so much to do in the city of Orlando and many venues to visit. Many locals hire a limo service in Orlando and enjoy their evening in a luxurious stretch limousine with a full wet bar and ambient lighting, and get chauffeured to all the destinations they will be attending with front door service from their professional chauffeur. Our city of Orlando local clients know the hassle of having to drive themselves to events located at the Amway Center or Citrus Bowl. Parking is a nightmare and the traffic is 10 times worse. Hire a limo service for your event and enjoy your evening from beginning to end with no stress.

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